Invisible Infants

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What is the moral and pragmatic cost of abortion and tens of millions of missing people?
No Matter How You View Abortion it is Bad News for the Unborn and the Born.

The real problem is we've made it so easy to kill we've forgotten how to care.


The Real Cost of Abortion is Far Greater Than the Number of Actual Abortions. The charts show the true effect of abortion on our country.

We weep for mistreated animals and sigh when we see a dead cat on the road. We decry murder and injustice. We comfort couples who have had miscarriage. But we ignore the cries of our fellow humans who are chopped up like fruit in a blender, burned out of the womb by acid, and have their brains sucked out even moments before birth. What have we become?

This is perhaps the most critical issue facing our country. Our housing market will not recover. Our economy will not grow. We are close to the tipping point.  Unless we turn this trend of death to life our country is headed to a slow, painful, descent.

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These summaries below illustrate that the effects of abortion are far greater than the general data show.

In fact, the effects are far reaching when you factor in the loss of births by those who would have been alive and factor in their lost wages, productivity, and the resultant number of missing households of couples and singles.  In fact the numbers are staggering.

It equals the entire population of the 129 largest US cities for surgical abortions. It equals the entire population of our 9 most populous states if you consider chemical abortions.  Their income would be equal to 17% of all taxes or 41% of our Gross Domestic Product, and would occupy more than 15 million to 30 million houses and apartments.

Try the calculation including possible abortions beginning in 1960 and the numbers go off the scale: 61 million houses and apartments, more than double our current GDP.

What are we really doing? Destroying human lives. And that’s just the beginning… Review the chart. Then review Surgical Abortions Chart, the All Abortions Chart, and the Abortions Including pre-Roe v Wade Chart  Then read the Moral Cost and the Pragmatic Cost and the Article. Then Watch the "My Little Room" Video. Be sure to read the Background page as well.

If you've read our site you know it only focuses on the United States. The global toll is simply staggering.
China’s one-child toll reaches 400 million
China, Abortion, Child Abuse & Broken Covenant: Read Now

Click here to watch a video of a baby's plea from the womb.

What would a baby say about his or her demise? Watch this video for an emotional description.

This should be the headline in every
paper in the land.

If we just consider surgical abortions (post 7 weeks) we have removed more than 60,000,000 people from our society.


If we factor in chemical abortions the figures jump by a multiple of 2.5.


Now let's factor in estimated abortions from the inception of the birth control pill beginning in 1960 leading up to Roe v Wade.


If we factor in China's 400,000,000 abortions the figures are incomprehensible.